Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Hello I'm Madeline! You can call me Maddie for short. I am a college student currently enrolled in Yavapai College. I am perusing my Associate of Arts and just recently graduated with my Photography Certificate. Its located in Prescott, Arizona where I'll be doing most of my blogging. I am 20 years old and am an aspiring photographer. I have started a business but it is a slow process because I am still working in school. I enjoy most arts and crafts and will constantly share with you my many experiences.
This blog is a Mother and Daughter blog where we will be blogging our life together from far away. Not only is this blog for us to keep in touch it's for you to enjoy our works of arts and our wonderful lives.

Interested in seeing a little of my photography check out my Facebook page here!
Want to see what I have currently up for sale on my Etsy site? Check that out here!


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