Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jet Setter

Hey there! I'm back in California, but only for a few days then I will be back in Arizona for college. Photography as most people who know me is my life. All I do and everything I see is a possible picture to me. I am constantly taking pictures and if I don't have my camera I am using my iPhone. A photographer, Dewitt Jones and his amazing iphoneography had me convinced to purchase an iPhone. He has amazing style and uses his iPhone to take these breath taking images. As a photographer he has been such an inspiration and has only tempted me to become more artistic when taking pictures both iPhone and on camera. So I travel a lot, its a given having school in Arizona, a father in California and a Mother, Sister and Step-Dad in Hawaii. I HATE flying, and don't enjoy the traveling at all but do it anyways to be with family. I usually drive when I have to but when there's an ocean or when offered to fly me, I fly. I have started taking pictures of my little feet with the different floorings I step on. This is my "Travel" series and hope that it grows throughout my travel lifestyle. What started this was my trip to San Francisco when I was nervous and looked down at my feet and noticed the carpet, it was swirls and caught my attention, I didn't want to take just a picture of the carpet so I added my feet, and eventually that turned into something I really liked and well, now I have a small collection of airport/transportation pictures.

 I hope you enjoyed them :) I love it how they all tell their own little story. What do you think they are saying? Anyways, this jet setter needs some sleep! 


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