Monday, January 9, 2012

Crochet, Crochet!

Today is my last day here on Molokai with my wonderful family. I've had the most amazing trip yet! I definitely have high expectations for the next vacation I have here! I was looking over some old photographs and realized how much I accomplished this trip, usually I am unproductive and very lazy. Although I did sit on my bum the entire time I was extremely productive making myself scarfs and headbands and hats. My mom just recently got seriously into crocheting, she's always known how to but recently she's been an addict. For a while now I've been stubborn and just sending her ideas and free patterns for HER to make me stuff. This christmas I was sitting and realized, I need to learn. Why not right? So she taught me and right off the bat I was creating things with my hands. I enjoy the feeling I get and can't wait to continue making more! I am now, a crochet addict...oh and I'm obsessed with yarn! =)
Here is me working on my first project! It was fun learning how to work with the yarn and how to hold the hook correctly which I don't anymore because I found an easier way(for me) to hold it!

My first finished project! A headband! Which turned out way cute and really comfortable! This was one of my many things on my mothers list for her to make me! Being able to make it myself was so amazing.

Here is my second project, which was kinda rough because we ran out of that color yarn and I couldn't finish it in one round, knowing me I am really good at getting into something and never finishing it. Luckily the yarn came and I was able to pass my stubbornness and finish my hat which turned out mega cute!!

Here's my next project! An infinity scarf. I used with the same crochet technique as the hat because I liked the way my hat looked with the dainty open holes. This yarn was from an Alpaca farm and is made with the fur of an alpaca, which by the way is SO SOFT. 

 So basically you can't have a scarf without an adorable matching headband, I am way stoked that it came out just as perfect as my scarf. I'm not trying to be cocky but I am excited that these came out so nice being my third/fourth project! =)
Ok ok so I might be obsessed with making scarfs....and headbands, I used this beautiful mustard colored yarn to make myself a thicker infinity scarf and a matching headband (: I think I might have a problem!

 Here's my ongoing project that will probably take until the end of summer to finish. Picture it, a african granny square teddy bear....There's a picture for it with a pattern that I am using, you can find that here! I am beyond excited for this to be done with (I am very impatient) I can't wait to be able to say "Yep, I made this" with a big dopey smile!
All in all its been such a wonderful trip and seriously can't wait for summer to continue my crocheting adventures with my crochet crazed mother who has now rubbed off onto me!


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