Saturday, February 18, 2012

Restocking the warehouse

Well, we spent two lovely days at the beach picking shells. The weather was perfect...not too hot and not too cold. I have not spent much time picking shells in the winter. The west side of the island gets the waves this time of year but I wanted to see if the shells were different. It was a little easier with the sun not as strong as in the summer.

This is the tree we were married under less than a year ago. Kaupoa beach is my favorite beach on Molokai. It has a nice swimming area during the summer and tide pools that stretch along the rest of the beach. Many times you share the beach with a monk seal.

The sand is more steep in the winter and much of the sand has been sucked out to sea. There was still a nice debris line for me to plop down by and start picking. We kept our ears and eyes open to the waves as we didn't want any surprises. We picked until our legs and backs were sore, enjoyed a quick lunch break under our wedding tree and decided to take a hike south towards La'au Point.
There is an old ranch road that goes south from Kaupoa. We have not had much rain this year so the area still looks like summer. It's about a 15 minute walk to the first beach. In all the times I have been along this road I have rarely run into any other people and I have never seen anyone surfing. WOW !
As soon as I got home I had to look this up. It turns out it's called Egusa's. These guys were enjoying a perfect break...alone. We had a high surf advisory that day which called for west waves to be 12 to 15 feet. They were even larger on Wednesday but we didn't hike out to see them.
We hiked a little more to Aholehole flats and found a monk seal lounging on the beach. He wasn't very happy to see us so we stayed away. A few weeks ago we had a monstrous swell so the sand was free from debris and we decided to return to Kaupoa. When we returned the following day we were still exhausted from the first day so we just spent the entire day at Kaupoa. The waves were huge !
So, here they are...two days picking. Mahalo Kaupoa !

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